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World of Warcraft – How to play

There are four different types of servers in World of Warcraft:

PvE (Player vs. Environment, Player vs. AI)
PvP (Player vs. Player, Player vs. Player)
RP (Roleplay, )
RPPvP (Roleplay Player vs. Player, Rolling Player vs. Player)
PvE (Player vs. Environment)

On these servers you are protected from other players, they can not attack you, unless you explicitly allow this. Players can level up their character here, and if they are interested in skirmishing with other players, they can search for specific battlefields or activate the PvP option.

PvP (Player vs. Player)
In terms of game content, this type of server is absolutely identical to the others, with the difference that players can attack each other. Only in the beginner areas until about level 16 are players protected, afterwards they experience the open conflict between horde and alliance.

RP (Roleplay)
There are special rules on these servers, which should allow a scrolling game. This starts with naming conventions and stops players from living their characters and communicating accordingly.

A role-playing server with the option enabled that allows for player-to-player interactions.

How to choose the right servers?
Once you are clear about the type of server, look for a server that is actively being played. You can see in the game, how strongly a server is populated. Full servers may offer overpopulated areas, on very small populated servers, you will hardly find fellow players for group tasks. Have you limited your selection to a few servers look into the official server forums, where you can a little bit the mood on the server. Here you can also see how far the leading guilds are on the server. The correct server selection is important, because a later transfer to another server with 20 euros to book.  You already have friends who are already playing and who can give you valuable hints regarding the server selection

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